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Tennis Court Resurfacing Guidelines: 10 Best Practices for Applying Tennis Court Surfaces

  1. Longevity and overall performance of coloration coating structures are dependent on proper construction of the courtroom. Seek advice from the asba (american sports activities builders association) website for detailed tips.

Right slope necessities are.8333% – 1.0%
Good enough surface and subsurface drainage have to be installed to save you water accumulation below the floor.
Concrete courts ought to have a vapor barrier established below the slab (10 mil thickness advocated).
Concrete courts should be finished with a medium-broom texture, and no curing compounds have to be used.
Seek advice from the coating producer’s specs and tips for full concrete instruction commands.

  1. Make certain that new asphalt or concrete is completely cured

28 days for concrete
30 days advocated for asphalt (all through prime curing situations of mild solar to draw out oils and rain to rinse away.
Make certain that the existing floor isn’t coated with a pavement sealer. Acrylics do not bond well to coal tar or maximum asphalt-based sealants.
Three. Surface restore

1 hour after a rain or flooding the court, outline any puddle regions with chalk that cover a five-cent piece (american coin). Those regions need to be repaired with acrylic patch binder patching mix.
Fill all cracks over 1/8″ extensive with a suitable acrylic-primarily based crack sealant. Never use a hot or cold implemented asphalt-based crack filler.

  1. Clean the courtroom floor prior to utility of repair merchandise or coatings. Any areas where mould, mold, or fungus is obvious must be treated with an answer of two elements water to 1 element household bleach. Spray and broom within the bleach solution and allow it to sit down for 20 to 30 minutes. Scrub with brooms or appropriate system, then rinse thoroughly with a stress washing machine. It is an excellent concept to treat any areas exposed to coloration with this technique.

Five. Always comply with the producer’s blending commands. Never over-dilute the coatings so that you can “stretch” insurance. The desired sand size and shape are very critical to the appearance and overall performance (pace of play) of the floor. If the proper sand sorts are not available on your place, buy the coatings at once from the manufacturer with sand pre-introduced.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s software and curing temperatures

Follow products whilst temperatures are 50 stages and growing
The exceptional time to apply is in the morning while the floor is cooler. What Does AD Mean in Tennis If application all through hot temperatures is unavoidable, the floor can be gently misted to cool the pavement. Do no longer puddle. Use a garden pump sprayer or a hose nozzle with mist placing.
Acrylic resurfacer and shade coatings generally dry within 1 hour of utility in the full solar (primarily based on 75 day with low humidity). Color, low temperatures, and excessive humidity can boom drying instances.

  1. Use the right gear and system for mixing and alertness:

Ground scrapers: use to scrape foreign items off of the floor previous to application, and lightly scrape the surface among coats to put off small bumps and imperfections. Do now not scrape the finish coat.
Grass trimmers: trim around the court to save you grass and weeds from placing into the software course.
Blowers & brooms: blow, broom, and lightly scrape among coats.
Pressure washing machine: use to prepare floor for coloration coating device. Blast the dust and debris out of cracks and surface voids.
Recreation squeegee: make sure to use a squeegee that is designed for game surfacing to limit squeegee marks on the surface. A rubber blade this is 50 to 60 durometer (degree of softness) with a tapered/rounded side is ideal.
Drill and paddle mixer: a 1 to 1.5 horsepower drill is recommended. Agitated tank structures also are available.
Line taping system
Eight. Proper software approach

Watch an application video or seek advice from a game floor producer for proper software strategies
Have sufficient substances mixed for the whole coat earlier than starting software.
In no way squeegee the whole windrow dry during utility, and ensure to pour the material at once into the prevailing wet puddle to minimize pour marks at the floor.
When making use of the material by means of squeegee, best pull about ΒΌ of the whole width of the squeegee head. Pulling an excessive amount of cloth immediately could make it tough to use the coatings to the desired thickness.
Keep away from putting the wet squeegee blade down on a dry, warm surface. Often the squeegee blade strains can be visible through the finish coats. This is the equal for moist shoes during software, so attempt to keep away from stepping within the coating windrow.
Nine. Always use an excellent first-class masking tape for line striping, at the side of a line primer. This will minimize bleed under of the line paint for sharp lines. Two-inch huge covering tape is recommended for tennis court docket striping. One-inch tape works satisfactory for circles and arcs. The narrower tape can curve better without billowing.

  1. One hundred% acrylic recreation surfaces require very little maintenance. But, widespread cleansing will move an extended way to extending the lifestyles of the surface.

Easy the courtroom frequently: once a month is suggested. Watch for proof of mold or mold in shaded areas and corners where organic particles tends to build up. Indoor courts require each common vacuuming and at least one annual moist vacuuming with slight detergent solution and gentle bristled device.
Take away status water: rain showers assist clean your court docket. However, dirt accumulates in status water, leaving stains. Remove water from birdbaths as frequently as possible. Irrigation systems across the court have to not spray on the courtroom.
Dispose of overseas depend: leaves and pine needles now not most effective can stain your courtroom, but also are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. It’s far mainly important to get rid of leaves in the fall and preserve your courtroom freed from particles all wintry weather.


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